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Improving Medical Student Feedback by Identifying Barriers in Obtaining Evaluations

Purpose: The goal of this study is to identify barriers encountered by residents and faculty in providing electronic feedback to medical students regarding their clinical performance. 

Topics: UME, Systems-Based Practice & Improvement, Clerkship Coordinator, Clerkship Director, Faculty, Resident, Student, 2019,

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Evaluation of Knowledge Retention 3 Months After Completion of a Resident Menopause Curriculum

Purpose: Evaluate residents’ retention of menopause-based knowledge 3 months after completion of self-administered modules that varied by menopause-related topic and format of delivery. 

Topics: General Ob-Gyn, Independent Study, Lecture, Assessment, GME, Medical Knowledge, Resident, Student, 2019, CREOG & APGO Annual Meeting,

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Electronic Health Record Use During the Obstetrics and Gynecology Clerkship by Medical Student Graduates Between 2012 and 2016

Purpose: To examine medical student accounts of their EHR use during their obstetrics/gynecology (OBGYN) clerkship. 

Topics: UME, GME, Systems-Based Practice & Improvement, Patient Care, Residency Director, Clerkship Director, Faculty, 2019, CREOG & APGO Annual Meeting,

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Music to Their Ears: Improving Feedback Students Receive on Written Documentation

Purpose: Improve feedback on student notes in the electronic health record (EHR)

Topics: Assessment, Practice-Based Learning & Improvement, Patient Care, Clerkship Coordinator, Clerkship Director, Faculty, Student, 2019, CREOG & APGO Annual Meeting,

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TEACH: An interactive platform to promote clinical learning

Escaping the Powerpoint Quicksand: Engaging Your Faculty in Interactive Teaching Modalities

Workshop APGO Fac Dev Seminar
Précis: Tired of the same old Powerpoint presentations? Many of our learners are! At this workshop
participants will be introduced to new presentation modalities to innovate their lectures and leave with
a ToolKit to share with educators at their home institutions.
Workshop Text: Objective/

Topics: General Ob-Gyn, Lecture, CME, Interpersonal & Communication Skills, Systems-Based Practice & Improvement, Faculty, 2017, Faculty Development Seminar,

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Implementation of a Novel iOS Application to Improve Patient Handoffs

An Assessment of Professional Quality of Life and Experience with Critical Incidents Among OBGYN Residents

A Perceptual Adaptive Learning Module Results in Improved Fetal Heart Rate Categorization

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