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Asynchronous Residency Bootcamp: Minimizing Schedule Disruption/Faculty Burden, Maximizing Student Attention

Objective/ Background: Pre-residency bootcamps have demonstrated variable success in preparing medical students for residency and are resource intensive to provide. To address these concerns, our institution revamped OB/GYN residency preparation by individualizing student experiences, maximizing one-on-one time with attendings in the clinical environment, being deliberate about preparation timing, and making participation optional.


Methods: Participants will review and interactively discuss technical skills, medical knowledge, EMR readiness, wellbeing tips, and pitfalls for traditional bootcamp timing/activities in the quest to prepare for OB/GYN residency on Day 1.


 Our team will provide and discuss our improved asynchronous preparation for residency program complete with individual surveys aligned with residency milestones to direct preparatory activities, didactic programming with interactive material reviews, recommended clinical experiences with minimal schedule disruptions to faculty and case/experience loss to residents, and finally a method for reducing scheduling burden for the asynchronous activities.


 Participants will work on improving an existing bootcamp using asynchronous elements or building an entire asynchronous bootcamp for their institution through a group activity and guided plan.


Results: Each person will build or improve their OB/GYN residency preparation by utilizing elements of the asynchronous bootcamp discussed during this workshop.


Conclusion/ Discussion: The entire asynchronous curriculum and best practices will be available to all participants.

Topics: Faculty Development Seminar, 2024, Student, Resident, Faculty, Clerkship Director, Osteopathic Faculty, Residency Director, Residency Coordinator, Patient Care, Medical Knowledge, Professionalism, Systems-Based Practice & Improvement, Interpersonal & Communication Skills, Practice-Based Learning & Improvement, UME, Assessment, Simulation, Lecture, Independent Study, General Ob-Gyn,

General Information

Student,Resident,Faculty,Clerkship Director,Osteopathic Faculty,Residency Director,Residency Coordinator,
Patient Care,Medical Knowledge,Professionalism,Systems-Based Practice & Improvement,Interpersonal & Communication Skills,Practice-Based Learning & Improvement,
Assessment,Simulation,Lecture,Independent Study,
Clinical Focus
General Ob-Gyn,

Author Information

Elizabeth Nugent, MD; Carlos Carreno, MD; Laura Chahin, MD

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