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Making Movie Magic

Jan Meeting Workshop

Précis: Making short films is a fun and creative way to reach out to your learners. After reviewing some tips and tricks on movie making we will script, film and edit up a quick one minute block buster during the workshop.

Workshop Text: Off in the distance you can see a floating image, a flickering light, perhaps a figure
moving. Is it a mirage on the landscape, or something you have conjured up? No, its a movie silly! And if you sit back and enjoyed it for a little while, you just might learn something.This workshop is designed for those who are interested in making great short films. Whether your goal is to jazz up one of your lecture presentations or to create a knock out video to submit to the next CREOG-APGO Film Festival, this conference will have something for everyone who has a little movie director in their heart. We will be begin with a quick introduction to basic scripting, filming and editing techniques, and quickly turn to the audience to work on a short one minute movie script. Using cell phone cameras we will film up some footage and create a short film in real time with the audience working as editors. We will then use the same footage to highlight other important video editing tips and tricks to spice up short films like sound effects, transitions, slow-motion and more.All conference attendees will leave with a link to our video on how to make great short films and a list of videos and resources on how to turn the movie making mirage into reality.

Topics: Team-Based Learning, Independent Study, Lecture, Virtual Patient, Assessment, UME, CME, GME, Practice-Based Learning & Improvement, Interpersonal & Communication Skills, Systems-Based Practice & Improvement, Medical Knowledge, Patient Care, Residency Coordinator, Residency Director, Osteopathic Faculty, Clerkship Coordinator, Clerkship Director, Faculty, Resident, Student, 2017, Faculty Development Seminar,

General Information

Workshop 2017 APGO Fac Dev Seminar
Student,Resident,Faculty,Clerkship Director,Clerkship Coordinator,Osteopathic Faculty,Residency Director,Residency Coordinator,
Patient Care,Medical Knowledge,Systems-Based Practice & Improvement,Interpersonal & Communication Skills,Practice-Based Learning & Improvement,
Assessment,Virtual Patient,Lecture,Independent Study,Team-Based Learning,
Clinical Focus

Author Information

Sarah Cigna, MD, PGY-3 OB/GYN Resident, PGY-3 OB/GYN Resident at George Washington University. Meg OReilly, MD, MPH, Clerkship Director at Oregon Health & Science University, Christopher Morosky, MD, MS, Clerkship Director at the University of Connecticut.

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