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Laborland, A patient-centered tabletop game experience

Objective: The clerkship director at our rural, accelerated three-year campus asked me to develop content that covered the OB competency of induction of labor.  I wanted to stress national guidelines, simulate the impact of some interventions in a way that was more engaging than a lecture. We both agreed to the importance of the topic and wanted a reference for the learners to have as they used the APGO WellMom app in their clerkships.


Methods: After many meetings on design and format, we developed an immersive tabletop game where learners play in teams of four as characters in a labor support group.  As they move through early term pregnancy to delivery they encounter some challenges, a few complications and support from their community.  While every player goes home with their baby, the team that wins has the most community resources.


Results: Players seemed to have fun and enjoy this method of learning.  It has been played by two classes on our campus and presented at a local conference at the main MCW campus earlier this year.


Conclusion/ Discussion: Laborland could be developed further, tested, validated and refined to apply to different learning environments, communities, languages and cultures.

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Topics: Faculty Development Seminar, 2023, Student, Resident, Faculty, Clerkship Director, Osteopathic Faculty, Residency Director, Patient Care, Medical Knowledge, Systems-Based Practice & Improvement, Practice-Based Learning & Improvement, GME, UME, Virtual Patient, Simulation, Quality & Safety,

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Student,Resident,Faculty,Clerkship Director,Osteopathic Faculty,Residency Director,
Patient Care,Medical Knowledge,Systems-Based Practice & Improvement,Practice-Based Learning & Improvement,
Virtual Patient,Simulation,Quality & Safety,
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Anita Bublik-Anderson, MD; Michal Schultz

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