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Pilot Study of Interactive Video-assisted Laparoscopic Teaching for OB/GYN Surgical Residents

Purpose: It is common knowledge that athletes review tapes as part of training. Although differences between a sports game and surgery are obvious, both require technical skill and performing under pressure. Surgeons may benefit from reviewing surgical tapes in training.

Background: Prior studies have explored using surgical videos to increase exposure to operative scenarios or evaluate technical skill. However, no standardized approach exists to incorporate video review into surgical training, particularly in gynecology. This interactive teaching model uses review of laparoscopic videos to enhance surgical knowledge and technique.

Methods: A gynecologic surgeon led participants through review of laparoscopic gynecologic surgery videos. The surgeon highlighted aspects of the video, pausing to enforce teaching points and lead discussion. Participants completed a 25-question multiple-choice survey prior to, immediately after and two months after the session. Individual changes in scores were analyzed before and after aforementioned intervention, stratified by residency year.

Results: Of participants who underwent the intervention, 100% completed the pre-survey, 60% completed the immediate post-survey. Response rate was 40% for the 2-month post-session survey. Of those who underwent intervention and completed the post-session survey, 71% improved their score while 29% had no change. When stratified by year, junior residents showed score improvement, senior residents had no change.

Discussions: Video-assisted teaching can enhance gynecologic surgical training. It seems most beneficial earlier in training as junior residents have yet to develop ways of doing things. While video sessions do not replace OR time, they provide forums for reviewing surgical approach and technique with visual aids to reinforce teaching points.

Topics: CREOG & APGO Annual Meeting, 2020, Resident, Faculty, Residency Director, Systems-Based Practice & Improvement, Practice-Based Learning & Improvement, GME, Assessment, Team-Based Learning,

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Resident,Faculty,Residency Director,
Systems-Based Practice & Improvement,Practice-Based Learning & Improvement,
Assessment,Team-Based Learning,
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Sivan Vainer, MD; Tufts Medical Center; Kirsten Jorgensen, MD; John Schorge, MD

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