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Job Description

Committee Structure

The APGO Diversity & Inclusion Committee Chair is appointed by the APGO president and is eligible to serve two three-year (3) terms. Committee members serve one three-year (3) term and are eligible to apply for reappointment to an additional three-year (3) term for a total of six (6) years, unless otherwise specified. Terms will be staggered to reflect appropriate representation and continuity in membership.

This committee reports directly to the APGO Board and will work in conjunction with other APGO Committees and Task Forces to foster effective communication.

Committee Charge

  1. Create a contemporary mission statement highlighting the APGO standard of diversity and inclusion
  2. Assist APGO leadership in achieving greater diversity in APGO committee, program and task force composition
  3. Employ mechanisms to broaden the participation of all of our members and future members with an aim to recruit, retain and mentor URiM faculty
  4. Develop proposals to increase diversity in APGO membership
  5. Identify and create tools around D&I topics to help increase cultural awareness
  6. Develop formal guidelines for creating inclusive curricula, learning and assessment materials and teaching strategies
  7. Eliminate bias and stereotypes in all educational APGO materials and consider structural barriers and social determinants of health
  8. Develop methods to assess compliance with the new APGO standards, creating materials to expand our focus on inclusiveness to guide critical efforts in determining the direction we take as an organization
  9. Provide guidance with increasing diversity in the specialty of ob-gyn to help membership departments improve their own diversity recruitment efforts
  10. Identify D&I topics and speakers and encourage submission of proposals to APGO’s education programs and response to RFPs
  11. Create a strategic plan and timeline for implementation