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Walking on Sunshine! Innovative BOOT Camp Strategies to Improve the UME/ GME Transition

Objective: The MS4 boot camp is used to provide fourth year medical students with a foundation of skills and knowledge that they will use as interns. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, medical student education was converted from traditional in-person teaching to virtual teaching. We intend to share our experiences, challenges and successes of adapting an in-person APGO boot camp to a virtual curriculum.
 The objective of this session is to
•  Outline the structure of a virtual MS4 boot camp
•  Describe our experience including successes, challenges and student satisfaction
•  Brainstorm virtual MS4 boot camp curriculum ideas
•  Share our “virtual toolkit” to enhance virtual learning
Workshop Agenda:

•  Introduction (5 minutes)
°    Introduction to the MS4 boot camp, the APGO curriculum and ACGME level 1 Milestones
•  Virtual Boot Camp Curriculum and Survey Results (15 minutes)
°    Discuss our curriculum
°    Relay survey results including reported levels of satisfaction
•  Small group sessions (20 minutes)
°    Assign each group a Milestone or Basic Clinical Skill to use to create a virtual curriculum
°  Basic knowledge about contraceptives (including LARC insertion)
°  Positions patients appropriately for surgery
°  Breast and pelvic examination
°  Vaginal delivery
•  Large group session (30 minutes)
°    Small groups share virtual curriculum with the large group
°    Discuss barriers to implementation and brainstorm solutions
•   Conclusion (5 minutes)
•  Reiterate important points and overarching conclusions
Interactive Component:
See above (large group and small group sessions)
Take Home Product:

•  Virtual MS4 boot camp agenda
•  “Virtual tool-kit”- a hand out listing ways to enhance virtual learning

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Topics: Faculty Development Seminar, 2021, Faculty, Clerkship Director, Medical Knowledge, Practice-Based Learning & Improvement, UME, Virtual Patient, Simulation, General Ob-Gyn,

General Information

Faculty,Clerkship Director,
Medical Knowledge,Practice-Based Learning & Improvement,
Virtual Patient,Simulation,
Clinical Focus
General Ob-Gyn,

Author Information

Elizabeth Corey, MD, MPH, Indiana University; Anthony Shanks, MD, Indiana University; Megan Christman, DO, Indiana University

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