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SERIOUS PLAY® Intermediate Level: Collaborative Play Using LEGO® Elements to Build a Dynamic Team

Objective/Background: LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® (LSP) methodology deepens the reflection process. This tool encourages the culture of participation by flattening the hierarchy through narrative play. By creating the shared identity of a team through cooperative play, involved participants have a shared understanding of their team dynamics. Intermediate level of facilitation techniques will build upon last year’s and this year’s introductory concepts with new techniques that involve creating a shared team identity and role play in a landscape format using an individual’s narrative in a collaborative play environment.

Workshop Agenda: The workshop will re-introduce the concept of LSP, as needed. Simultaneously, the participants will have hands-on experience with the process itself. This workshop will expand upon the basic concepts of LSP by using the LEGO building challenges to create the team identity. Nota bene: Attendance of the SERIOUS PLAY® Introductory Level is not required but recommended. Certain basic concepts will be reviewed but its absence will not take away from this expanded experience.

Interactive Component: Participants will partake in the actual process of LSP, learning and experiencing first-hand how cooperative play encourages teambuilding and leadership development.

Take Home Product: Participants will receive a toolkit that will include an open-source manual to the LSP methodology via a hyperlink, an illustrated example of a teambuilding workshop design, and a handout with additional resources.   

Topics: Quality & Safety, UME, GME, Interpersonal & Communication Skills, Professionalism, Residency Director, Clerkship Director, Faculty, Resident, Student, 2020, Faculty Development Seminar,

General Information

Student,Resident,Faculty,Clerkship Director,Residency Director,
Professionalism,Interpersonal & Communication Skills,
Quality & Safety,
Clinical Focus

Author Information

David Banh, MD; Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center at the Permian Basin; James Cook, MD; University South Carolina School of Medicine

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