APGO Undergraduate Medical Education Committee (UMEC)

Job Description
Current Members

The APGO Undergraduate Medical Education Committee (UMEC) was established in 1965 and is a 12-member committee that addresses issues of medical student education and faculty development in a changing health care environment. UMEC is an exceptionally satisfying committee to work with because of the tremendous output of the members and the committee as a whole. UMEC produces teaching tools, organizes faculty development programs and promotes innovative teaching methods for continued excellence in undergraduate medical education known throughout the United States and Canada.

Applications deadline has passed for 2019.

Committee Structure:

Committee member appointment is for two years with the opportunity for two 2-year reappointments, for a total of six years of service. Three new committee members are selected every other year through a competitive interview process.

One ex-officio member with vote is appointed by APOG (The Association of Professors of Obstetrics and Gynecology of Canada). One ex-officio member with vote is appointed by ACOOG (The American College of Osteopathic Obstetricians and Gynecologists). Both ex-officio members are expected to participate fully in the work of the committee and serve following the same terms as other members of the committee.

One member is appointed chair every two years, after serving a six-year term, for a total of eight years of service. Ex-officio members are not eligible to become chair.

Committee Charge:

To improve undergraduate medical education in obstetrics and gynecology by:

  • Providing services to departments with respect to undergraduate education programs
  • Sponsoring and implementing faculty motivational and developmental programs
  • Proposing minimum knowledge and skill requirements for undergraduates
  • Identifying, developing and evaluating content of learning materials
  • Identifying, developing and evaluating testing instruments to assess fulfillment of knowledge and skill requirements
  • Promoting production of quality instructional materials
  • Disseminating appropriate programmatic materials and information where indicated and feasible
  • Developing and evaluating innovative teaching and learning techniques

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Produces and delivers annual Faculty Development Seminar (FDS), Clerkship Directors’ School (CDS) and Transition to Residency School for Educators (TRS)
  • Develops and facilitates select sessions at the CREOG & APGO Annual Meeting 
  • Authors and updates APGO educational materials including, but not limited to, the Medical Student Educational Objectives, the APGO Ob-Gyn Student Logbook, Effective Preceptor Series, Basic Clinical Skills, The Ob-Gyn Clerkship: Your Guide to Success, and the To the Point series (Click here for a list with links to the PUBMED.)
  • Coordinates and manages project task forces as assigned by the APGO Board of Directors
  • Participates in the Alliance for Clinical Education (ACE), a multidisciplinary group of undergraduate clinical teaching organizations
  • Develops educational materials for medical school faculty
  • Develops online teaching and learning materials for medical students and faculty