PrepforRes: APGO’s Newest Resource to Prepare Interns for Ob-Gyn Residency

by Abigail Winkel, MD, NYU School of Medicine, APGO Electronic Resources Committee (ERC) Member

Make the most of the spring for your graduating medical students and incoming interns! The APGO Preparation for Ob-Gyn Residency Knowledge Assessment Tool (PrepforRes) is an excellent way to get ahead of the game in milestones assessments in medical knowledge. You can help them make the transition to self-directed learners, an important part of adjusting to internship, by giving them information about their strengths and weaknesses available through the exam.

PrepforRes is an interactive, web-based examination. It’s content is specifically tailored to measure ACGME level 1 milestones in obstetrics, gynecology and office practice. There are 100 questions and the students have 120 minutes for the exam. You can assign the exam or make it available to students for self-study. Students may take the exam as many times as they wish and will receive their scores themselves immediately after completing the assessment. They can also share these results easily with faculty and administrators. The score report is broken down by competency, providing a great baseline assessment for program directors.

The APGO Preparation for Ob-Gyn Residency Knowledge Assessment Tool is included with uWISE subscriptions, or can be purchased individually through a separate subscription. See the APGO website for more details!