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Teaching Quality Improvement: A Needs Assessment for OBGYN Resident Education

Objective: To assess resident attitudes and knowledge about quality improvement processes in patient care and determine areas needing curriculum development.

Study Design: Residents from OBGYN training programs in Louisiana (N = 110) were invited to participate in an online survey assessing attitudes towards quality improvement processes in their institutions. Knowledge questions were included in this survey and selected from existing question banks and teaching modules including: CREOG patient safety modules, GME core compliance modules, and teaching tools from the Quality Improvement Subcommittee for LSU Interim Hospital. Surveys results were anonymous. Questions covered domains including communication, cultural awareness, surgical safety, and disclosure of adverse events.

Results: At the time of abstract submission, survey data collection is ongoing. Response rate is anticipated to be at least 50% of the residents who received an online survey. Results will be analyzed by generating composite baseline scores for each domain of quality improvement and also by comparing levels of training.

Conclusion: The results of this needs assessment will help to determine what domains of quality improvement need formal curriculum development. The composite scores will be used to prioritize these domains. A structured learning process should lead to an increase in resident understanding of and meaningful participation in quality improvement processes.

Topics: 2013, Resident, Residency Director, Systems-Based Practice & Improvement,

General Information

Date Presented
2013 ASL Abstract

Curriculum Development/Evaluation, Research Methods

Intended Audience
Resident, Residency Director

Copentencies Addressed
Systems-Based Practice & Improvement

Resident,Residency Director,
Systems-Based Practice & Improvement,
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Author Information

Primary Author
Stacey L. Holman, MD
Sonya S. Erickson, MD
Diane M. Magrane, MD
Amy E. Young, MD


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