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Road Less Traveled: Path To Sexual Health And Gender Diversity Education In OBGYN Clerkship

Purpose: Purpose – To incorporate formal curriculum in sexual health and gender diversity education in OBGYN clerkship.

Background: Background – Among primary care physicians, only 21%-30% report taking a sexual history at preventative care visit. Despite guidelines on the importance of incorporating gender diversity in sexual health history, medical students continue to be uncomfortable with this topic as indicated by prior studies. Gap in knowledge exists about optimal timing of incorporating sexual health education and its space in the clinical curriculum of medical school.


Methods: Methods – An IRB-approved observational study was undertaken to examine medical student’s self-assessment of preparation in focused sexual health history taking incorporating gender diversity. A novel, resident-led instructional session was created utilizing APGO guidelines on sexual health. Pre and post session surveys were administered to assess comfort level. T-test was used to compare the results.


Results: Results – Ninety students attended the asynchronous sessions during the academic year 2021-22. A total of 75 students completed the pre-test and 71 completed the post-test questionnaire in the academic year 2021-22. Students felt prepared in discussing components of sexual health – sex-related issues, history, satisfaction, gender identity and related topics, which were all statistically significant (p < 0.001).


Discussions: Discussions – There is utility in focused resident-led instructional session in sexual health in ObGyn core clerkship. This may help improve student engagement in open dialogue, facilitating a better physician-patient relationship. 

Topics: CREOG & APGO Annual Meeting, 2023, Resident, Faculty, Clerkship Director, Clerkship Coordinator, Patient Care, Medical Knowledge, GME, UME, Lecture, Sexuality,

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Resident,Faculty,Clerkship Director,Clerkship Coordinator,
Patient Care,Medical Knowledge,
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Logan Mcclure, MD; UTHSC Obstetrics and Gynecology Department; Bethany Erickson, MD; Joann Gold, MD; Pallavi Khanna, MD; 

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