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OBGYN Wellness and Skills Challenge BINGO Card

Objective: The OBGYN Clerkship Wellness and Skills Challenge BINGO card was implemented at the start of the 2022 clerkship year in response to various challenges and desires among faculty, staff, residents and students that arose from the stresses of the pandemic and the need to find ways to foster wellness and team bonding throughout the clerkship.


Methods: The cards and OBGYN themed stickers (to mark off completed challenges) are provided at clerkship orientation.  Students are asked to review the card and think ahead to how to complete the cards over the course of the clerkship.  While the goal of the cards is for all students to complete all boxed, if all students get an average of 20 out of 25 boxes done, we provide an end-of-clerkship party with provided snacks, treats and decorations of their workspace.


Results: The activities included on the card (see attachment) include those which promote hands-on involvement in the operating room and on labor and delivery, challenge higher level medical student skills, work in wellness activities and train practical wellness skills during busy clerkships, and promote team-building on the inpatient services.


Conclusion/ Discussion: Students and staff have thus far shown positive reception of this new initiative, and in particular students have articulated an increased sense of importance and recognition for their participation and involvement on their teams.  Every clerkship group since inception has completed enough tasks to receive the celebration.

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Topics: Faculty Development Seminar, 2023, Clerkship Director, Clerkship Coordinator, Professionalism, Practice-Based Learning & Improvement, UME, Quality & Safety, General Ob-Gyn,

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Clerkship Director,Clerkship Coordinator,
Professionalism,Practice-Based Learning & Improvement,
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Justin DeAngelis, MD; Delaney Sztraicher

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