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Clerkship M&M: Looking Forward through the Rear View

Objective/Background: Clerkship faculty often face unforeseen circumstances that lack the straight-forward solutions typically addressed in the clerkship handbook.  In addition, programs where students rotate at different sites may struggle to deliver a uniform clinical experience.  The objective of this workshop is to empower participants to approach complex scenarios by reviewing actual cases encountered by clerkship directors. Using an interactive approach, participants will reflect on past experiences to devise solutions and create a group-generated compendium of possible resolutions.   

Workshop Agenda: In this workshop we will review unique clerkship situations and devise possible solutions using a framework to approach these issues.  Examples include: leave requests to attend various functions (conferences, weddings, etc), student with depression; toxic resident environment, missed feedback, and sexual harassment. The workshop will start with 1-2 sample cases of real-life scenarios to review as a group.  In small groups, participants will list challenging situations they have encountered and discuss best practices for management using a suggested framework approach.

Interactive Component: Participants will generate a list of unique/challenging concerns they have faced at their institution and discuss strategies on how to best handle each scenario.  In large group, one interesting case from each small group will be reviewed.
Take-home product: Participants will leave with a framework of approaching complex scenarios as well as a group generated compendium of possible resolutions.   

Topics: Team-Based Learning, Problem-Based Learning, UME, Systems-Based Practice & Improvement, Professionalism, Clerkship Coordinator, Clerkship Director, Faculty, 2020, Faculty Development Seminar,

General Information

Faculty,Clerkship Director,Clerkship Coordinator,
Professionalism,Systems-Based Practice & Improvement,
Problem-Based Learning,Team-Based Learning,
Clinical Focus

Author Information

Katerina Shvartsman, MD; Uniformed Services University; Andrew Thagard, MD;  Naval Medical Center Portsmouth; Sarah Page-Ramsey, MD; University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio

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