UMEC Spotlight on Faculty Development: Jocelyn Greely, MD

Meet Jocelyn Greely, MD
Assistant Professor, Clerkship Director
Baylor College of Medicine

At the 2018 Martin L. Stone, MD, Faculty Development Seminar, Doctor Greely (with Helen Dunnington, MD) presented It’s Right in Front of You: Using Interprofessional Education to Enrich Your Current Learning Environment.

APGO: What is your role in medical student education?
Doctor Greely:
I have been a Clerkship Director for the past 11 months. Thank you APGO for all of your help and tutelage!

APGO: What was the inspiration for your presentation topic?
Doctor Greely: Our clerkship recently designed and implemented an Interprofessional experience based on the expansive knowledge of L&D nurses. The experience was also guided by the fact that medical students often focus so much on their resident teams that they neglect to focus on the patient as the center of their learning. We felt that spending time in the patient’s room with the L&D nurse (instead of the L&D “lounge”) would be an enlightening experience for our students.

APGO: What were some of the challenges you faced while developing your program? What was the solution?
Doctor Greely: BUY-IN! Despite the fact that our program was supported by senior leadership in the UME office, we still needed to get buy-in and support from nursing leadership (as well as individual nurse preceptors), faculty, residents and the students themselves. The solution is still a work in progress. Initial buy-in was facilitated by having clear goals and objectives for the program, as well as a clear “ask.”

  • How much time?
  • How many nurses?
  • What do we want the nurses to facilitate?

APGO: What resources did you find the most useful in developing your program (including APGO resources)?
Doctor Greely: We used the Interprofessional Education Collaborative to create the foundation for the experience. This is a very helpful resource for Interprofessional education. We also found that APGO video that helps you prepare for to develop and submit a workshop meeting was extremely helpful in organizing and focusing our submission.

APGO: What are one to three things that you hope people who attended your presentation at the Faculty Development Seminar take home with them?
Doctor Greely: I hope attendees learned a few things, including:

  1. Interprofessional education and experiences are critical for our students to grow and develop as health care team members and patient advocates.
  2. Don’t try to create a new clinical experience. There is a wealth of IPE going on right now in your hospital. We just have to tap the students into it.
  3. Get buy-in from the beginning so you won’t have to go it alone!

The 2019 Martin L. Stone, MD, Faculty Development Seminar is January 6-9 at the Hyatt Regency Maui in Lahaina, Hawaii. Click here to learn more about the meeting.