Inspiration Station: APGO’s Clerkship Director Toolkit Checklist

As physicians and educators, checklists are a big part of your daily routine. Whether you’re in the ER or evaluating students on how well they meet the APGO Medical Student Educational Objectives, checklists ensure we follow proper procedure and document for others that we did.

This summer, we hope you’re completing a vacation checklist (Sunscreen? Check!), and when you come back to work, you can use our Clerkship Director Toolkit Checklist and Infographic (both below) to prepare for a new academic year.

And speaking of checklists, we recently updated the APGO Basic Clinical Skills Curriculum modules. These 13 teaching modules (including 5 new topics added this year) offer a complete guide for teaching basic clinical and surgical skills to third-year ob-gyn medical students, and may also be useful for curriculum development. Each module includes a topic description, learning outcomes, best practices, practical tips, performance assessments resources and, of course, checklists. Access the updated modules now.

We hope you enjoy the rest of your summer and, without further ado, here are a few APGO resources for ob-gyn clerkship directors to check out:


  • APGO Basic Clinical Skills Curriculum: APGO’s complete guide for teaching basic clinical and surgical skills to third-year ob-gyn med students. Updated and new topics added in June 2017.
  • APGO Clerkship Directors’ School: APGO’s three-part Clerkship Directors’ School is essential for all new clerkship directors and offers timely, new insights for experienced directors, as well.
  • APGO Effective Preceptor Series Module: On-demand faculty development, with 12 pamphlets and 10 videos that provide preceptors with practical tools for teaching and evaluating learners.
  • 10th Edition APGO Medical Student Educational Objectives: The APGO Objectives define a central body of women’s health knowledge and provide clerkship directors with a resource for curriculum development.
  • APGO Meetings: The APGO Martin L. Stone, MD, Faculty Development Seminar and CREOG & APGO Annual Meeting offer endless professional development and networking opportunities.
  • APGO uWISE: Available through an annual subscription, the APGO Undergraduate Web-Based Interactive Self-Evaluation (uWISE) is an interactive self-exam designed to help med students acquire basic ob-gyn knowledge.
  • PrepForRes: The APGO Preparation for Ob-Gyn Residency Knowledge Assessment Tool (PrepForRes) is a web-based examination to measure the didactic knowledge of incoming ob-gyn interns. The exam is included in an annual uWISE subscription.
  • APGO Residency Directory: Our widely-used database allows third- and fourth-year med students and their advisors to search and compare residency programs.
  • Teaching Tips: APGO’s Teaching Tips collection was gathered from our membership and offers guidance for a variety of settings and scenarios.
  • The Ob-Gyn Clerkship: Your Guide to Success: Written for medical students, this booklet helps learners get the most out of the ob-gyn clerkship.
  • Promoting Clinical Excellence: How to Strengthen Your Clerkship Program: This  monograph is a helpful resource in designing and implementing your own clinical education program.