Going on Vacation? Take APGO with You!

This summer, whether you’re heading to the beach or your own backyard staycation, don’t forget to bring APGO with you. Many of our online resources can be accessed right from your portable tablet or smartphone, and now is the perfect time time to catch up on some of the new member benefits you may have missed during the school year. Here’s a list of just a few digital downloads and browser bookmarks to add to your summer reading list:

Clinical Care in Low-Resource Settings: Preparing Providers and Fostering Leaders

Developed by the University of California San Francisco through an APGO Medical Education Endowment Fund grant, Clinical Care in Low-Resource Settings: Preparing Providers and Fostering Leaders is a multi-media, case-based curriculum to prepare clinician learners to work in under-resourced settings with appropriate preparation for the clinical challenges facing the facility and the socioeconomic and cultural challenges underlying the patient’s experience. The course is divided into four modules, each containing videos, self-assessment, and recommended readings. The curriculum also features a multi-touch book that can be downloaded to an Apple computer, iPhone or iPad. Bookmark the curriculum.
APGO’s YouTube Channel
 Launched just under a year ago, our YouTube channel features 51 educational videos for ob-gyn medical students and residents, and boasts over 1,600 subscribers and 285,000 video views to date. Among the videos are 47 companion videos to the APGO Medical Student Educational Objectives. These brief animated videos are perfect for introducing a variety of ob-gyn topics to learners, and are easily viewed and shared right from our YouTube channel. Bookmark APGO’s YouTube Channel.

APGO WellMom Managing NVP App
The APGO WellMom Managing NVP App is the first and only app designed for raising awareness for NVP, educating all parties affected by the condition, and managing and treating the symptoms. The app was created for use by medical educators to facilitate learning opportunities between faculty and students. A component of the app also allows faculty and students to have more meaningful interactions with patients. The app is available for free download in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Download it now for Apple iOS or Android.