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Understand the importance of informed consent

Learner Task: You decide with the patient to treat her abnormal uterine bleeding with a levonorgestrel intrauterine device. Consent the patient for an IUD placement.
Educator Checklist: IUD Informed Consent
Mark the appropriate column to indicate whether the learner included each element in his or her response. When completed, tally the “Included” column to calculate the learner’s score.

Included =1 Not Included =0
Clearly states the procedure for which consent is requested
Correctly discusses the indication for the procedure
Correctly states the benefits of the procedure
Reviews the potential risks of the procedure
Offers alternatives for the procedure, including no intervention
Discusses post-procedure expectations
Clearly introduces self, including role on team
Establishes rapport with patient
Uses accessible language and explains medical terminology where appropriate
Invites patient questions
Avoids responses implying judgment
Avoids false reassurances
Listens without interrupting
Verifies patient understanding