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Identify elements of pelvic anatomy

Learner Task: You are now operating and viewing the patient’s pelvic anatomy. Identify elements of pelvic anatomy.*
*Educator Note: An abdominal hysterectomy module (found on ACOG website>CREOG section>Surgical Curriculum in Obstetrics and Gynecology>Abdominal Hysterectomy) may be used for this portion of the module.
Educator Checklist: Abdominal Wall and Pelvic Anatomy
Mark the appropriate column to indicate whether the learner included each element in his or her response. When completed, tally the “Included” column to calculate the learner’s score.

Abdominal Wall Included =1 Not Included =0
Subcutaneous tissue
Anterior rectus fascia
Rectus abdominis muscles
Posterior rectus fascia
Pre-peritoneal fat
Arcuate line
Pelvic Structures Included =1 Not Included =0
Round ligament
Posterior leaf of the broad ligament
External iliac artery and vein
Ovarian artery and vein, infundibulo-pelvic ligament, suspensory ligament of the ovary, IP ligament
Fallopian tube with fimbria
Uterine-ovarian ligament
Anterior leaf of broad ligament, bladder flap
Uterine artery
Cardinal ligament
Uterosacral ligament