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Inpatient Obstetrics

This case incorporates the following Milestones:

OB 2: Care of Patients in the Intrapartum Period

  • Demonstrates knowledge of routine uncomplicated Intrapartum care including normal labor

OB 4: Obstetrical Technical Skills

  • Demonstrates basic surgical principles, including use of universal precautions and aseptic technique
  • Performs basic procedures, including speculum examination and cervical examination

OB 5: Immediate Care of the Newborn

  • Performs initial warming and drying of a non-depressed infant

PB 2: Quality Improvement Process:  Systematically analyze practice using QI methods and implement changes with the goal of practice improvement

  • Has a commitment to self-evaluation, lifelong learning, and patient safety

PR 1: Compassion, Integrity, and Respect for Others

  • Understands the importance of compassion, integrity, and respect for others
  • Demonstrates sensitivity and responsiveness to patients

This case incorporates the following Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs):

  • EPA 1: Gather a patient history and perform a physical examination
  • EPA 4: Enter and discuss orders and prescriptions
  • EPA 7: Form clinical questions and retrieve evidence to advance patient care
  • EPA 10: Recognize a patient requiring urgent / emergent care and initiate evaluation and management
  • EPA 12: Perform general procedures of a physician