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Resident Physicians’ Confidence in and Support of Breast Feeding Following a Clinical Training Session

Objectives: Primary aim: To determine if a clinical skills workshop improves residents’ comfort level and support for breastfeeding. Secondary aim: To determine if patients’ perception of breastfeeding experience improves with resident skills training.

Study Design: Obstetric (n=16) and pediatric (n=47) residents were asked to complete a baseline survey to assess comfort level with breastfeeding, the Nurses’ Support for Breastfeeding Questionnaire (NSBQ). Residents then completed a hands-on workshop that focused on clinical skills for supporting breastfeeding mothers. NSBQ was repeated with questions added about the workshop’s effect. Breastfeeding patients (n=92) were surveyed using the Beginning Breastfeeding Survey (BBS) with items added about their physicians’ impact. BBS was administered in two 3 month periods, before the workshop and afterward.

Results: BBS was completed by 92 patients; 48 prior to the workshop, 44 after. Maximum possible score=156. Significant improvement was noted in one subset of questions (safety, 21 vs. 23, p=0.027). Mean total scores increased but not significantly (115 vs. 121, p=0.166). 57/63 (14 ob-gyn, 33 pediatric) residents completed the clinical skills workshop. NSBQ was completed by 59 residents (45 pediatric, 14 ob-gyn) before the workshop and 50 (35 pediatric, 15 ob-gyn) afterward. Maximum score = 448. There was a non-significant increase in scores after the workshop (348 prior vs. 362 after, p=0.106). Residents reported the workshop improved their confidence (94%) and comfort (92%) in caring for breastfeeding patients.

Conclusions: Residents’ confidence in and comfort level with supporting breastfeeding patients improved after a clinical skills workshop.

Topics: 2014, Resident, Residency Director, Patient Care, GME, General Ob-Gyn,

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2014 ASL Abstract

Community Health, Curriculum Development/Evaluation, Instructional Materials/Methods

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Resident, Residency Director

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Patient Care

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General Ob-Gyn

Resident,Residency Director,
Patient Care,
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General Ob-Gyn,

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Primary Author
White P
Graziano S
Boyd B
Sinacore J
Goepfert AR 

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