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Leadership Development in an OB/GYN Residency Program: A Needs Assessment

OBJECTIVES: To assess the current leadership characteristics of a cohort of obstetrics and gynecology residents and to determine their needs for leadership development.

STUDY DESIGN: A survey, based upon a review of the medical and business literature, was created and distributed to 29 Ob/Gyn residents. The residents were asked to rate the importance 20 leadership competencies for resident professional development on a scale of 1 to 5 (most to least important). The residents were also asked to assess the performance of residents in their training program on these same leadership competencies on a scale of 1 to 5.

RESULTS: A total of 18 (62%) residents, post graduate year 1-4, participated in the survey. Residents regarded time management, relating to others, energy and drive, and effective team-building as the most important leadership competencies, and also rated resident performance highly these areas. Conversely, residents rated their abilities lowest in many competencies on which they also placed less importance, including developing others and confronting direct reports. Critical areas for development were identified as competencies that were rated as highly important, but in which residents did not feel that they excel. Those identified in this study are: self control, motivating others, and communicating.

CONCLUSION: The identification of leadership development needs will allow for the design of an evidence-based residency leadership curriculum. Leadership skills training allows physicians to more confidently meet the challenges of managing health care teams during training and throughout their careers.

Topics: 2014, Resident, Residency Director, Professionalism, GME,

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