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#OBGYNInternChallenge: A Social Media-Based Educational Exploration for OBGYN Learners

Background: The COVID-19 pandemic has accentuated the importance of remote learning modalities. With widespread adoption of social media among the millennial generation, it is vital that medical educators harness these modalities for innovative curriculum design. Studies have demonstrated that social media is effective, accessible, and efficient for engaging medical learners.


Methods: Summaries for nineteen CREOGs Over Coffee podcasts were created. A summary was shared daily on Twitter using the hashtag, “#OBGYNInternChallenge”. Quiz questions could be included in each Tweet. Tweets were assessed using Twitter analytics for Impressions and Engagements. Impressions are the number of times a Tweet was seen on Twitter. Engagements are the number of times a Tweet was engaged with, including re-Tweets, likes, and comments.


Results: From June 1st-19th, 2020, 57 Tweets were posted from the authors’ six public Twitter profiles, reaching 57,299 Impressions and 5,927 Engagements. This included summary posts (31,841 Impressions, 4,052 Engagements), and 27 quiz questions (11,023 Impressions, 440 Engagements). As to not detract from the anti-racism resources shared on social media platforms, 11 medically relevant anti-racism Tweets were also shared (13,435 Impressions, 1,435 Engagements), linked to summary posts.


Discussions: These results demonstrate that Twitter can be used as an effective method for OBGYN medical education and widespread dissemination, with nearly 60,000 Tweet views over the duration of the Challenge.

Topics: CREOG & APGO Annual Meeting, 2021, Student, Resident, Faculty, Clerkship Director, Clerkship Coordinator, Osteopathic Faculty, Residency Director, Residency Coordinator, Medical Knowledge, Interpersonal & Communication Skills, GME, UME, Lecture, Independent Study, Advocacy, General Ob-Gyn,

General Information

Student,Resident,Faculty,Clerkship Director,Clerkship Coordinator,Osteopathic Faculty,Residency Director,Residency Coordinator,
Medical Knowledge,Interpersonal & Communication Skills,
Lecture,Independent Study,Advocacy,
Clinical Focus
General Ob-Gyn,

Author Information

Elizabeth Southworth, MD, University of Michigan; Sarah Santiago, MD; Colin Russell, MD, MPH; Nicholas Raja, MD; Amanda Manorot, MD; Joseph White, MD, MS

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