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Assessment of Medical Student Knowledge of Lynch Syndrome Cancers, Screening, and Prevention

Purpose: To assess medical students’ knowledge regarding Lynch syndrome (LS) 

Background: LS accounts for 3% of newly diagnosed endometrial cancers (EMC) and colon cancers (CC). Identifying patients with LS is fundamental to enable proper screening and prevention of at risk malignancies, along with encouraging cascade testing of family members. We aimed to assess medical student knowledge of LS associated cancers, screening and prevention measures to decrease malignancy risk.

Methods: An anonymous, voluntary, multiple choice survey was emailed to 14 medical schools throughout the US.

Results: We surveyed 328 medical students, 65% were MS3 or MS4s. Ninety-two percent knew that CC is one of two most commonly diagnosed cancers in LS; however only 37% knew EMC was the other most common malignancy. Fifty-eight percent recognized that 2-5% of all newly diagnosed EMC and CC are due to LS. Ninety percent recognized a family history that would indicate screening for LS, but only 48% knew that all patients diagnosed with EMC prior to age 50 should be screened for LS per NCCN guidelines.

Discussions: Almost two thirds of medical students did not recognize EMC as a common LS malignancy and less than 50% were aware of when to screen patients with EMC for LS; almost all students recognized CC link with LS.  Curriculum change with targeted education regarding endometrial cancer and LS during medical school ob-gyn clerkship should be implemented. This call to action is critical to improve diagnosis of LS, screening and prevention of cancers in both patients and family members to reduce mortality.

Topics: CREOG & APGO Annual Meeting, 2019, Student, Faculty, Clerkship Director, Medical Knowledge, UME, Assessment, Gynecologic Oncology, Genetics,

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Student,Faculty,Clerkship Director,
Medical Knowledge,
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Allison Brodsky, BA, NYU School of Medicine; Bhavana Pothuri, MD

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