A Note from Past APGO President William N.P. Herbert, MD

Friends and Colleagues,

When I retired from UVA several years ago, I thought I would exchange medical meetings for family trips; one family in LA, the other in Charlotte. As a result, I haven’t attended the CREOG & APGO Annual Meeting for the past couple of years. I’ve realized though, that APGO and CREOG are, in fact, part of my family. Over the many years of my APGO involvement, I’ve made so many strong friendships, and through the Scholars Program, I’ve met so many younger colleagues moving up in their careers.

So, I’m planning to attend the next meeting in New Orleans, and later meetings as time passes. I hope you, especially my “more experienced” friends and colleagues, will join me at this meeting.

Nothing formal, but a great way to keep in touch.

Best wishes to all,


Get a sneak peak at the 2016 CREOG & APGO Annual Meeting Preliminary Program here and start planning your trip now!