12 Ways to Beat Teaching (and Learning) Fatigue

As the school year draws to a close, and the weather (finally) starts to warm up, learners sometimes need a boost of motivation to counter that inevitable year-end fatigue. Spring weather makes us all yearn to be outside, so a little teaching inspiration may not only rekindle your passion for teaching, but also, in turn, reawaken knowledge-seeking energy in students. Luckily, APGO has a collection of resources filled with practical tools and tips to jumpstart—and even improve—your teaching practices. The APGO Effective Preceptor Series features 12 handy PDFs covering a variety of topics, from Learning-Centered Education to Effective Operating Room Teaching. They’re also applicable in any medical specialty, so feel free to share them with your non-ob-gyn colleagues!

Here’s a list of 12 topics covered in the APGO Effective Preceptor Series

1) Introduction to Preceptorship

2) Providing Educational Feedback

3) Asking the Difficult Questions in a Patient Encounter Provides Great Teaching Opportunities

4) The Preceptor and the Curriculum

5) What To Do Before the Learners Arrive

6) Using the Five Microskills to Improve Teaching in the Ambulatory Setting

7) Learner-Centered Education

8) The Hidden Curriculum: What Are You Teaching?

9) The Preceptor and Cultural Competence

10) Faculty Development for the Community-Based Preceptor: Enhancement of Teaching Skills

11) Effective Operating Room Teaching

12) Using the Electronic Medical Record to Precept Medical Students

Check out the APGO Effective Preceptor Series today, and let us know what you think. They’re easy to download, print and read on your morning train commute.