Are uWISE? APGO’s Online Test Bank for Medical Students

owl_image2smThe APGO Undergraduate Web-Based Interactive Self-Evaluation (uWISE) is an online test bank featuring questions presented in case study format. Students can test their comprehension of 58 Medical Student Educational Objectives, the standards of women’s health knowledge, skills and attitudes that are fundamental to the practice of a general physician. Topics include Maternal-Fetal Physiology, Endometriosis, and Menopause, and most feature a total of 10 multiple-choice questions. Following each question, students are given detailed feedback and at the end of the quiz they receive a score on a 10-point scale.

By presenting questions in case study format, students are required to break down complex information and apply didactic knowledge, experience, and good judgment in determining the best course of care in a given scenario. In addition to helping improve students’ understanding of ob-gyn, uWISE can also be used to prepare for the NBME Subject Exam. uWISE features three 50-question tests and a timed 100-question test similar in format to the Shelf. With its ability to build wisdom in ob-gyn and test taking, it seems it’s called uWISE for a reason.

But don’t just take our word for it. Each uWISE quiz is used annually by over 15,000 med students in over 160 subscribing institutions. It is a teaching tool for clerkship directors to assess students’ comprehension of material and a learning tool for students to practice for the Shelf. It is the only ob-gyn resource of its kind and is therefore essential for ob-gyn clerkships and their students.

uWISE is available to ob-gyn departments through an annual subscription which is offered at a discount to APGO members, and individual student subscriptions are also available.  uWISE offers a wide range of reporting, and individual student log-ins enable clerkship directors to track progress and completion by student. For more information on uWISE, please visit APGO’s uWISE page.