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Practical Life Hacks, Tips and Tricks to Shine your Med Ed Scholarship Sparkle

Objective/ Background: Scholarship is crucial for promotion and demonstration of impact but is often deprioritized behind competing priorities for time. Additionally, not all individuals arrive in their roles with similar backgrounds in scholarship, nor similar access to mentorship. Women, first generation, and educators from underrepresented backgrounds often face significant barriers to successful scholarship endeavors.This interactive and engaging workshop will present practical tips for leveling the scholarship learning curve.


 At the completion of this workshop, participants will:

 Identify common time management pitfalls

 Describe time optimizing techniques to address common challenges

 Create a project list of scholarship opportunities with clear next steps


Methods: Agenda:


 Introduction (25 minutes)- Electronic poll will query participants on their roles and challenges.


 Facilitators will share strategies for creating meaningful scholarship including personal experiences of success and failure. Specific tips that will be shared will include medical educational manuscript templates as well as a meeting outline for a “manuscript sprint” (defined as a small meeting of co-authors with the plan on reviewing key data, and dividing up writing responsibilities).


 Small group work and large group discussion (30 minutes) - Participants will complete a scholarship worksheet of projects categorized as low, mid- and high hanging fruit ideas and will also share thoughts on potential meetings or journals to which they would  submit these projects.


Results: Concluding remarks (20 minutes)- Facilitators will review resources including upcoming meeting deadlines and medical education journals. They will facilitate ideas for keeping your momentum going after the meeting, and networking opportunities will be highlighted.


Conclusion/ Discussion: Interactive Component: Small and large group discussion centered on participant’s scholarship ideas and projects


 Take Home Product: (1) Scholarship work-sheet (2) Medical education manuscript template (3) Manuscript Sprint 90-minute meeting outline (4) Medical education journal list (5) Collaboration opportunities from participants

Topics: Faculty Development Seminar, 2024, Resident, Faculty, Professionalism, CME, Problem-Based Learning,

General Information

Problem-Based Learning,
Clinical Focus

Author Information

Helen Morgan, MD; Celeste Royce, MD; Star Hampton, MD

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