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The OB/GYN Standard Letter of Evaluations (SLOE): The Best Practices for Faculty Authors

Objective: The objectives of this workshop are to:

 1.        Describe key components of the updated OBGYN SLOE

 2.        Compare and contrast the SLOE with traditional LORs

 3.        Review best practices and available resources for SLOE creation


 The standards workgroup of the Right Resident, Right Program, Ready Day One (RRR) project has set the expectation that one standardized letter of evaluation (SLOE) be submitted by each OB/GYN residency applicant beginning with the 2022-23 application cycle.  The goal of introducing structured evaluations in the residency application process is for applicants to be represented in a more transparent, uniform, honest, and equitable way, thus reducing biases and subsequent disparities and supporting a more holistic application review.  Preparing the OB/GYN SLOE is different than writing a traditional letter of recommendation, and this session is to prepare educational leaders to better author a SLOE.


Methods: This highly interactive workshop will begin with an introduction to the updated OB/GYN SLOE (20 minutes).  In small groups, participants will review SLOEs and LORs from de-identified applicants, along with their dossier (grades, clinical evaluations, outside activities). Each group will compare the SLOE and LOR highlighting the key differences and areas of similarities.  A facilitated discussion of each small group’s work with the larger group will follow. (35 minutes).


Results: N/A


Conclusion/ Discussion: We will conclude with a wrap up and emphasis on key learning points, including a review of the RRR OB/GYN Standardized Letter of Evaluation (SLOE) Writing Guide which was developed to help with future SLOE creation (20 minutes).


Topics: Faculty Development Seminar, 2023, Faculty, Clerkship Director, Residency Director, GME, UME,

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Faculty,Clerkship Director,Residency Director,
Clinical Focus

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Sara Whetstone, MD, MHS; John Darlrymple, MD; Arthur Ollendorf, MD

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