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Rising to Challenges: How to Foster a Growth Mindset in Your Learners

Objective: A letter of recommendation reads: “This student possesses the skills that can’t be taught and is a joy to work with.”  But what if that’s wrong? What if those skills CAN be taught? 

 The growth mindset centers on the belief that we can change and grow with hard work and dedication. This contrasts with the “fixed” mindset, where we believe our abilities and intelligence are static. A growth mindset encourages learners to take risks and it challenges us to learn new things when we are outside of our comfort zone. It also enables learners to respond to feedback in a more productive way. Finally, moving towards a growth mindset encourages teamwork among learners, instead of a competitive learning environment. Imagine transforming the most challenging clerkship student into the “joy to work with” student or the grumpy faculty member into the student favorite.


Methods: A hands on, interactive workshop where attendees practice skills to foster a growth mindset in themselves and their learners after guided self reflection.


Results: Attendees will learn and practice techniques for cultivating a growth mindset both at work and in our personal lives.


Conclusion/ Discussion: We hope to help you find the “Yes!” as you explore opportunities to transform a fixed mindset into a growth-oriented mindset in our learners, our faculty, and ourselves.

Topics: Faculty Development Seminar, 2023, Resident, Faculty, Interpersonal & Communication Skills, CME,

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Interpersonal & Communication Skills,
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Alson Burke, MD; Emily Huebner; Laura Mercer, MD, MBA

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