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More Than Just a Publication: The Ascent, Application, and Development of the Educational Portfolio

Objective: In the 30 years since The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching published Ernest Boyer\'s \'Scholarship Reconsidered\' there has been a significant shift in common conceptions about what it means to be a scholar and a reduction in the barriers to recognition of non-research scholarship. One important by-product of this shift is the educational portfolio.


Methods: The roundtable session will begin with a brief presentation about the revolutionary vocabulary and standards introduced by Boyer and Glassick. Participants will then share how their faculty and learners have benefitted or could benefit from more flexible but still rigorous conceptions of scholarship. The session will conclude with a hands-on activity for integration of Glassick’s 6 Step Approach.


Results: Participants will share examples of how the expanded definition of scholarly work has increased opportunities for themselves, their learners, and their colleagues. Participants will then execute Glassick’s 6 Step Approach to their own ongoing scholarly work.


Conclusion/ Discussion: Participants will leave with a rubric for evaluating each of these forms of scholarship: the scholarship of discovery, the scholarship of integration, the scholarship of application, and the scholarship of teaching and learning.


 Helping participants to expand their conception of scholarship and its different forms will

 allow greater accessibility and more opportunity for academic advancement. This roundtable aims to promote the

 careers of educators and advocates that may better serve their community needs through diverse

 educational portfolios.


Topics: Faculty Development Seminar, 2023, Resident, Faculty, GME, CME, Assessment, Independent Study,

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Assessment,Independent Study,
Clinical Focus

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Kelley Saunders, MD; Natasha Makarova, MD

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