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Using Data to Inform Decision Making: Counseling Residency Applicants During Changing Times

Objective: The Covid Pandemic created a massive disruption of an already problematic residency application process with resulting altered application timelines, prolonged interview seasons and need for new processes such as virtual interviewing. These changes may further limit holistic reviews of students’ applications in the face of skyrocketing application numbers, and increase dependence on traditional markers such as USMLE scores. Faculty advisors will need to address students’ concerns and insecurities with data driven counseling, during these changing times related to the pandemic, and beyond.
The AMA Reimaging Residency grant for the APGO CREOG Right Resident, Right Program, Ready Day One (RRR) project, has described steps to address concerns with these residency application processes.  With the onset of the pandemic, there was a pressing need to accelerate the project timelines. This interactive workshop will review resources and data available through the AAMC, AMA, NRMP and the APGO RRR grant that will enable faculty to empower students to make data informed decisions.
Workshop Agenda:

•  Introduction and Background: (20 minutes)
Review of the current state of the OBGYN residency applications process. An audience response system will be used to elicit audience member perspectives on current challenges.
•  Small Group Discussions: (15 minutes)
°    Participants will discuss three student case scenarios.
°    Case 1 will be a student who will likely receive a large number of interview invitations
°    Case 2 will likely receive a limited number of invitations
°    Case 3 will be a student participating in the Couples Match.
•  Large Group Report Outs and Discussion (15 minutes):
°    Small groups will report out their recommendations for each case, and speakers will highlight APGO, AMA, AAMC, NRMP resources that could be useful in counseling each scenario.
•  Review Data from 2020 RRR Stakeholder surveys as well as future directions of the RRR Workgroups with highlights of upcoming resource development, with Question and Answer from the audience. (15 minutes)
•  Concluding Remarks: (10 minutes)
Interactive Component:
Small group case discussions and Question and Answer session
Take Home Product: Specialty-specific and national resources regarding the Residency Application Processes

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Topics: Faculty Development Seminar, 2021, Faculty, Professionalism, GME, UME,

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Helen Morgan, MD, University of Michigan Medical School; David Marzano, MD, University of Michigan Medical School; Abigail, Winkel, MD, MHPE, New York University

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