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Serious Escape Room Game For Undergraduate Student Groups

Objective/Background: This workshop will demonstrate a serious escape room game that engages teams of students in a complex clinical situation, promotes problem solving and development of clinical skills. Escape room is a live-action team-based game that stems from the point-and-click genre of adventure computer games. In the escape room, a team of players is locked in a physical room where they are presented to a captivating story and a challenging task. By interacting with the environment, discovering hidden clues and solving puzzles and riddles, the team must find a key to escape the room. For small group teaching, the escape room is implemented in a real clinical environment with appropriate medical props and puzzles. The gameplay is observed with a CCTV camera, and feedback is given to the team during a debriefing session. Students report that the game stimulates critical thinking and fosters teamwork.

Workshop Agenda: This workshop will give a short introduction to serious games in clinical teaching and the theory and design of escape room games. The design of the game will be presented. Integration of the game in the curriculum, practical issues of implementation, and gameplay experiences will be discussed.

Interactive Component: A version of the game will be available on-site for participants to play or observe. Participants will also discuss opportunities and barriers of integrating the game in own teaching.

Take-home Product: Participants will receive useful tips and resources, including a guidebook, for implementing the game.

Topics: Faculty Development Seminar, 2020, Faculty, Medical Knowledge, Interpersonal & Communication Skills, UME, Virtual Patient, Simulation,

General Information

Medical Knowledge,Interpersonal & Communication Skills,
Virtual Patient,Simulation,
Clinical Focus

Author Information

Peter Fedorcsak, MD, PhD; University of Oslo, Faculty of Medicine; Melinda Raki, MD, PhD; LaTasha Craig, MD; Christopher Morosky, MD, MS

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