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Bring the Details into Focus: Incorporate a \"Case of the Week” in Your Curriculum

Workshop Text: During the 2017-2018 academic year, educational leadership ‘donned some spectacles’ to review the ObGyn clerkship curriculum in reference to APGO’s Medical Student Objectives.  Topics not ‘seen with naked eye’ were ‘brought into focus’ by adding weekly, online, case-based learning activities. Six topics were ‘eye’-dentified.  Efforts were aimed at providing opportunities for active learning using principles of case-based learning (CBL).  Each week of the 6-week ObGyn clerkship there is a new ‘focal point’ presented as a “Case of the Week”.  Included are a clinical case, as well as the ‘progressive lenses’ of a foundational science question and a clinical science question, followed by an educational handout detailing the principle learning points of each topic. 
Brief presentation to ‘focus’ on the principles of adult learning theory and how our “Case of the Week” is the right ‘prescription’ to meet the educational needs of mature learners
The ‘examination’ – discuss curriculum review and/or needs assessment 
Participants work with table-mates to write their own ‘prescription’ – practice case composition and writing foundational/clinical science questions
Small groups work through a “Case of the Week” and associated foundational/clinical science prompts.
Choose one “uncommon/difficult topic”, then develop an outline of a “Case of the Week” summarizing the learning objectives, \\\'framing\\\' the case, and \\\'focusing\\\' on foundational/clinical science topics to incorporate into questions.   A draft \\\"Case of the Week\\\"!!    Student, curriculum, question

Topics: Problem-Based Learning, Independent Study, Assessment, UME, Practice-Based Learning & Improvement, Medical Knowledge, Osteopathic Faculty, Clerkship Coordinator, Clerkship Director, 2020, Faculty Development Seminar,

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Clerkship Director,Clerkship Coordinator,Osteopathic Faculty,
Medical Knowledge,Practice-Based Learning & Improvement,
Assessment,Independent Study,Problem-Based Learning,
Clinical Focus

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Sarah Shaffer, DO; University of Iowa; Michael Haugsdal, MD

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